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Natural Good Taste Fermented Peeled Single Black Garlic (1kg/bag)

Model No.: 34452
Product Name: Natural Good Taste Fermented Peeled Single Black Garlic (1kg/bag)
Product Origin: BELGIUM
Standard: grade A
Detailed Product Description:

1.Health foods

2.Raw material from fresh garlic 6.0-6.5cm

3.Popular in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia

Method: Skinning ready-to-use

Nutrients: amino acids, ajoene, vitamins, nicotinic acid, lipoid, calories, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, selenium and so on.

Packaging & Delivery

1.Packaging Details: 2pcs,4pcs,6pcs in vacuum bag/ bag in ctns

inner packing: plastic tank
outer packing: standard carton packing

2.Delivery Detail: 20 days after you order

3. Storage: Store in dry and shady place, avoid sunlight and high temperature;

4. Shelf life: 24 months;

We have single clove and multi-clove black garlic for your choices, packing can be customized.

And we'd like to help you to design and print the product label.

Welcome inquiry!

Features of Fermented Black Garlic:

1) The Organic Content Table of the Fermented Black Garlic per 100g

2) The Inorganic Substance Content Table in the Fermented Black Garlic per 100g

3) The Nutriment & Vitamin B Content Table in the Fermented Black Garlic per 100g

4) Effect of 18 Types of Amino Acids on Human Body

5) Physiological Action of Amino Acids That Necessary for Livestock and Birds

6) Indispensable Amino Acids

7)Types of Protein

8) Efficacy of Protein

9) People Who Need Protein Replenishment

Process of fermented black garlic

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